Top 5 Reasons for Weekly Support Groups after Treatment

Whether you’re seeking support for an addiction, anxiety, depression, or another psychological ailment, the importance of joining a support group can greatly contribute to a speedy recovery. Such issues are best dealt with in groups rather than alone.

Support groups are a gathering of individuals struggling with mutual problems. The idea is to share experiences, and in doing so, further encourage one another on the path to healing, redemption, or full recovery.

Why bother sharing such sensitive experiences with strangers, some might ask. The reason is that some problems cannot be solved by being with family, friends, or a medical professional. Sometimes, what is needed is to form a bond with fellow sufferers.

Here are five reasons why joining a weekly support group after treatment is an excellent idea:

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Support Group

#1. No condemnation

A shrink is bound by the oaths and ethics of his profession to keep the condition of his clients secret. Friends and family have no such restriction. A recovering person who chooses to spend his time giving his friends the details of his travails may get more than just pity from them. He could be scorned, judged, blamed, and condemned. None of these is what a recovering patient needs after treatment.

On the other hand, a weekly support group provides a clear platform for progress. As everyone in the group goes through different issues, there is no ground for condemnation. This way, everyone can benefit from each other’s experiences.

#2. Starting up new relationships

A weekly support group can provide the platform for newer, positive relationships. For example, a patient who has been struggling with alcohol and drug-related issues will require a severance from that lifestyle. This severance can possibly affect his existing friendships and relationships, many of which will have to go completely.

In a weekly support group, there is the opportunity to befriend positive-minded people who have experienced firsthand the dangers of overindulging. Such people would be helpful to one in recovering mentally and physically.

#3. Growth and development via shared experiences

Support groups are excellent post-treatment solutions, as they provide recovering patients with a unique platform to grow, build confidence, esteem and resilience.

It’s different from sharing your problems with family or friends who probably don’t know exactly how you feel. Such people won’t even know the right things to say, and their good intentions may result in unintended consequences that make it difficult to recover.

#4. Mastering more efficient coping strategies

The road to full recovery can often be tough after a lengthy spell of mental depression. Even if you are recovering from an overdependence on drugs, it can be easy to slip back into your old habits if you’re not careful enough. With a support group, you will learn to cope better with your problems.

#5. Cost

Another reason weekly support groups are a great idea is that they aren’t expensive. The alternative, individual counseling, costs much more.

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