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Your road to recovery will always require help. Whether it’s spending time with a friend, showing up to a meeting, or even just taking a look at some encouraging words.

For Individuals:

For Families:

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Freedom from addiction starts today

Intensive Outpatient Program

Maintain your normal daily responsibilities while participating in our convenient, but intensive outpatient treatment alternative.

Medical Detoxification

Benefit from our detoxification services medically supervised by Richard V. Guzetta M.D., the only board-certified Addictionologist in the valley.

Care For Families

Get the emotional support, medical advice, and education you need as a family because addiction recovery is more than the individual.

Aftercare Support Groups

Help prevent relapse and reinforce what you’ve learned about sober living with one full year of weekly support groups after treatment.

Neurofeedback Treatment

Increase your confidence, focus, and performance with neurofeedback - a scientifically proven way to improve the way you feel & function.

Becoming a success story

Touchstone is a great program. This place saved my life. The staff is great and supportive. The doctor is the best. This is the only recovery center that I’ve been to that has a doctor on site. They’ll help you with medication and they make your stay as pleasant as possible. If you’re not sure, just give Touchstone a try - I promise you it will work.

Fernando (Patient, 30 days sober)

Every hero needs a team behind them

Richard V. Guzetta M.D.

Richard V. Guzetta M.D.

Medical Director

Jovanna Moreno, LE

Jovanna Moreno, LE

Program Manager

Andrew Cisneros, RADT I

Andrew Cisneros, RADT I

Substance Abuse Counselor

Allen Cicolani, RADT I

Allen Cicolani, RADT I

Substance Abuse Counselor