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Individuals and families across the Central Valley have been rebuilding their lives from the damage of addiction to drugs or alcohol for over 18 years with Touchstone. We help you navigate the path to recovery through compassionate, professional, and confidential care.


  • Alcohol

  • Narcotics

  • Opioids

  • Painkillers

  • Xanax, Gabapentin, Adderall, & All Others Prescription Drugs

Addiction doesn’t happen overnight. It happens gradually over time. The recovery process & treatment program is no different. We recognize addiction as a chronic disease and recovery as a new way of living, Touchstone’s treatment program is individualized, collaborative, and effectively over the long term through ongoing care and support. Everything at Touchstone is personally designed to ensure you have the best opportunity to learn, change and heal.

Besides being strategically right next to our medical center – the team at Touchstone are very passionate about people recovering from addiction. We genuinely and sincerely care about every person’s journey as they heal. Numbers are never our goal because our hope is to see everyone who comes through Touchtone’s doors find freedom from addiction and cross that bridge to their recovery.
Many claim “experience” is one of the best treatments a person can receive from an individual. Though our staff are well trained, equipped, and educated to best serve you on your road to recovery, they also show deep empathy because of their own personal stories overcoming addiction.
Touchstone has clients in all types of professions including, but not limited to, the nursing board.
We do offer private pay options for those who are uninsured.
We have a case management team dedicated to helping you navigate the next steps in regards to your employment.

Are You Covered for Addiction Treatment?

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