Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)


We offer an substance abuse and addiction Intensive Outpatient Program. Our program is run by talented, experienced and former addicts that use evidenced based treatment to help restore health and functioning in those that are struggling with substance abuse. We provide multiple personalized counseling and group therapy options.

How it Works

The first phase of substance abuse treatment is detoxification. During this initial phase of addiction treatment, we concentrate on cleansing the system of chemical substances, minimizing physical withdrawal symptoms through medication management, and monitoring the individuals progress 24 hours a day. Detoxification allows a person to stabilize and prepare for the next phase of the treatment process- Residential Treatment.

Eight Week Program involving 4 three-hour sessions a week

One-on-one Counseling once a week

Healing Techniques and breathworks to address mind, body and spirit

Dependable alcohol and drug testing

Weekly offered appointments with your doctor

Build community in your recovery in an intimate small group setting

Repair your relationships with family sessions offered twice a week

Who We Serve

Substance use disorder


Alcohol & Other Drugs

Cooccurring mental health conditions

Are You Covered for Addiction Treatment?

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