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At Touchstone Recovery Center, we specialize in substance abuse for adolescents and adults in Fresno, CA. With proven success since 2002, we are committed to continuing our work and helping those who are struggling with substance abuse so that they can live the best versions of their lives. We have a structured program that works to keep people accountable and focused, to give strength and hope every day. Our skilled team of psychologists and counselors are here to provide hope.

At Touchstone Recovery Center, we provide a safe space to help you achieve your goals. Each person is unique, and we offer individualized support to help individuals overcome substance abuse. We gain an understanding of your health and wellbeing to develop the best possible recovery program for you. Through counseling sessions, detox, treatment, and consistent support, Touchstone Recovery Center offers a pathway to healing and recovery. If you or a loved one are struggling with substance abuse, turn to Touchstone Recovery Center in Fresno, California. Contact Touchstone Recovery Center in Fresno, CA, for more information on our rehabilitation and recovery services. 

Physical signs of potential substance abuse:

  • Inability to sleep

  • Loss of or increased appetite

  • Cold, sweaty palms

  • Red, watery eyes

  • Unusual smells on breath, body, or clothes

  • Extreme hyperactivity

  • Excessive talkativeness

  • Poor physical coordination

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Behavioral signs of potential substance abuse:

  • Sudden change in overall personality with no other identifiable cause

  • Continued dishonesty 

  • Sudden oversensitivity, temper tantrums, or resentful behavior

  • Difficulty in paying attention 

  • Lack of motivation 

  • Paranoia

  • Moodiness or irritability


Get the emotional support, medical advice, and education you need as a family because addiction recovery is more than the individual.


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