Behavioral signs of substance abuse in adults

Do you have a relative, friend, or family member struggling with substance abuse? Whether it be drugs or alcohol, substance abuse can wreak havoc on someone's life. From job loss to loss of relationships, declining health, and more, substance abuse can make it challenging for people to get through day to day life. At Touchstone Recovery Center, we provide comprehensive programs catered to adults to overcome their substance abuse struggles. With proven success since 2002, we are committed to continuing our work and helping those who are struggling with substance abuse so that they can live the best versions of their lives. We have a structured program that works to keep people accountable and focused, to give strength and hope every day. Contact Touchstone Recovery Center in Fresno, California, to learn more about our treatment plans for adults. 

Signs of behavioral changes in adults struggling with substance abuse

  • Secretive behavior 

  • Lying 

  • Finding private areas to do drugs

  • Withdrawal from friends and family 

  • Ignoring responsibilities such as work, school, or relationships 

  • Avoiding daily responsibilities 

  • Financial distress 

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