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Do you suspect your loved one is acting differently suddenly with addiction or substance abuse? At Touchstone Recovery Center, our experienced staff provides comprehensive and compassionate treatment for those who are struggling. We provide a structured treatment plan that delves into all aspects of substance abuse the improves the mental, emotional, and physical health of adults. Our therapists and counselors provide a safe, non-judgmental environment for adults grappling with substance abuse to heal and overcome their setbacks. We are here to help people succeed, heal, and overcome any challenges. 

We understand how difficult substance addiction can be and how much suffering it can cause the person struggling. Addiction can completely alter a person's life and provide many challenges and obstacles along the way. The substance abuse program at Touchstone Recovery Center can benefit adults in all areas of their lives so they can live their true potential. Below, we provide some signs of substance abuse. If you see these indicators in your loved one, contact Touchstone Recovery Center in Fresno, CA, for more information on our services. 

Signs of drug addiction in adults

  • Changes in personality and behavior 

  • Bloodshot eyes

  • Frequent bloody nose

  • Lack of motivation, irritability, and agitation

  • Slurred speech

  • Shakes and tremors

  • A decline in personal hygiene

  • Changes in friends

  • Financial issues 

  • Change in their daily routines


Get the emotional support, medical advice, and education you need as a family because addiction recovery is more than the individual.


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