At Touchstone Recovery Center, we work with adolescents struggling with substance abuse and having trouble getting their life back on track. If you suspect your teen is struggling and needs the help of a professional, our compassionate and knowledgeable staff is here to provide guidance. It can be challenging to understand the signs of drug addiction if you are unsure. We are here to act as a resource and provide insight into what substance abuse and addiction can look like so you can determine it and take the following steps. There are several signs and indicators that a teen is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. 

Some of the physical symptoms of drug or alcohol addiction in teens

  • Poor hygiene

  • Glazed or bloodshot eyes

  • Frequent runny nose or nosebleeds

  • Minor track marks on arms or legs 

  • Pupils larger or smaller than usual

  • Cold, sweaty palms or shaking hands

  • Sores on mouth

  • Headaches

  • Puffy, swollen face

  • Extremely tired or extremely hyperactive

  • Rapid weight gain or loss

The therapists, counselors, and psychologists at Touchstone Recovery Center have extensive experience working with teens and adolescents to overcome addiction. We recognize the physical signs of addiction and work with teens to overcome their battles. We have over 15 years of experience working with teens and have a deep understanding of how drug addiction starts and the steps to take to help a teen overcome it. If you suspect your teen or adolescent is abusing substances, look to Touchstone Recovery Center. Contact Touchstone Recovery Center for more information on our adolescent treatment programs.  

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