Benefits of our substance abuse programs for teens

Touchstone Recovery Center specializes in substance abuse programs for teens in Fresno, CA. We provide a structured treatment plan that delves into all aspects of substance abuse that improves the mental, emotional, and physical health of adolescents and teens in Fresno. Our therapists understand how overwhelming and hopeless drug addiction is for teens and takes every measure to provide them with hope and guidance to succeed. The substance abuse program at Touchstone Recovery Center can benefit adolescents in all areas of their lives so they can live their true potential and live a higher quality of life. Below, we break down a few of the ways that our program can benefit adolescents and put them on a healthier path. 

Adolescents will receive support and guidance for the following with our program: 

  • Substance abuse - At Touchstone Recovery Center, we provide teens with a comprehensive, structured treatment plan to overcome their addiction to drugs and alcohol.

  • Isolating from family and friends - Our therapists and counselors help teens understand their feelings and rebuild relationships. 


  • Difficulty with rules and authority - One sign of drug and alcohol abuse is a difference in behavior and breaking the rules. We work with teens to help them make better decisions. 


  • Low self-esteem - We help teens restore their self-esteem and so they can navigate the world with confidence. 


  • Struggling in school - Alcohol and drug addictions can negatively impact a teen's performance in school. We work to put them on the path to recovery to improve their grades. 


  • Depression & Anxiety - Addiction can take a toll on mental health, and our therapists provide counseling to help minimize anxiety and depression symptoms. 


  • ADHD and bipolar disorder - Our comprehensive and structured program can help teens with ADHD and bipolar disorder. 


  • Gaming/computer issues - If a teen is excessively gaming and disrupts their school and work performance, we can help get them back on track. 


  • High risk for self-harm behaviors - Self-harm is an indicator of mental health concern. Our compassionate staff of professionals works with teens who are struggling with self-harm. 

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