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We have a Board Certified Medical Director, Richard V. Guzetta M.D. on-site to evaluate and provide direction to our clients.

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About Touchstone Recovery Center

Touchstone Recovery Center has been serving individuals and families in the Central Valley since 2002. We are committed to providing treatment in an environment that stimulates change, invites individuals to learn new ways of coping with stressors, and allows growth and change.

We have a Board Certified Medical Director, Richard V. Guzetta M.D. on-site to evaluate and provide direction to our clients.

Touchstone Recovery Center programs include a full spectrum of confidential treatment for substance abuse and we pride ourselves in the professional and personal manner in which we treat the individuals and families that we have the privilege of working with.

Here are the basic steps:

Assess and Evaluate
When you first arrive at Touchstone, you’ll meet with a clinician to review and discuss your physical & mental health, types of substances used, your family history, and other variables related to the disease of addiction.

Understanding these aspects of your health & wellbeing will enable us to develop the best possible recovery program for you.

Detox and Withdrawal
Because heavy and sustained alcohol/drug use takes such an enormous toll on a person’s physical and emotional health, a detox period might be needed before you’ll be able to benefit from a recovery program.

If you’re admitted to an inpatient program, your care begins with a 24-hour medically supervised detoxification (sometimes longer depending on your situation). Learn more about Medical Detoxification (link to page).

Addiction recovery is a community and culture which you will become a part of. We’ll assist in getting you acclimated right from the start by introducing you to basic addiction treatment goals and concepts:

  • The model of addiction disease
  • The Twelve Steps of recovery
  • The adverse impacts of substance use disorder
  • The importance of managing recovery after rehab

You’ll also learn patient rights, responsibilities, and confidentiality laws.

Addiction Treatment
Recovery programs come in slightly different structures and intensities at Touchstone, based on your particular addiction and intensity. The core powering all programs is an abstinence-based, Twelve Step approach which incorporates evidence-based practices.

Whether Touchstone recommends a residential or outpatient recovery program, your treatment activities will include:

Throughout treatment, you’ll be working with your primary counselor in identifying goals and guiding your care. The length and frequency of treatment will be specific to your situation and clinical milestones.

For example, if you’re facing a complex recovery issue, your team may recommend more time to address things like:

  • Resolving a unique issue/concern
  • Balancing mental health
  • Preventing relapse
  • Developing sober living skills

A New You
Your new “normal” will most likely be feeling uncomfortable when treatment begins. As you learn more about addiction, those uncomfortable feelings will start to fade.

Becoming personally authentic, allowing yourself to feel, transforming negative thoughts into good ones, and implementing stress relieving activities will bring a ton of relief.

If you continue to experience low moods, a sense of helplessness, or continuous anxiety – letting someone in your Touchstone team know can make a significant impact. Available to you are mental & medical health assessments and other services & resources which can bring additional relief.

Aftercare Support
Touchstone’s addiction treatment programs are designed to help you get well, stay well, and thrive the rest of your life. When discharged, your team will present you with post-treatment recommendations. Our best research shows your level of recovery from addiction will be directly related to your level of following through and continuing care such as:

  • Support groups (led by a Touchstone counselor)
  • AA & NA meetings
  • Recovery coaching

Freedom from addiction starts today

Intensive Outpatient Program

Maintain your normal daily responsibilities while participating in our convenient, but intensive outpatient treatment alternative.

Medical Detoxification

Benefit from our detoxification services medically supervised by Richard V. Guzetta M.D., the only board-certified Addictionologist in the valley.

Care For Families

Get the emotional support, medical advice, and education you need as a family because addiction recovery is more than the individual.

Aftercare Support Groups

Help prevent relapse and reinforce what you’ve learned about sober living with one full year of weekly support groups after treatment.

Neurofeedback Treatment

Increase your confidence, focus, and performance with neurofeedback - a scientifically proven way to improve the way you feel & function.

Becoming a success story

Touchstone is a great program. This place saved my life. The staff is great and supportive. The doctor is the best. This is the only recovery center that I’ve been to that has a doctor on site. They’ll help you with medication and they make your stay as pleasant as possible. If you’re not sure, just give Touchstone a try - I promise you it will work.

Fernando (Patient, 30 days sober)

Every hero needs a team behind them

Richard V. Guzetta M.D.

Richard V. Guzetta M.D.

Medical Director

Jovanna Moreno, LE

Jovanna Moreno, LE

Program Manager

Andrew Cisneros, RADT I

Andrew Cisneros, RADT I

Substance Abuse Counselor

Allen Cicolani, RADT I

Allen Cicolani, RADT I

Substance Abuse Counselor