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Neurofeedback Treatment

neurofeedback-treatment-pageNeurofeedback is a scientifically proven way to improve the way you feel and function in the world by improving how your brain operates.

It is a noninvasive, organic process that does not change who you are. It’s still you. It is you just in a better mood or with an increase in confidence, focus and performance. Neurofeedback is an alternative to medication for most issues that stem from the brain, including addition.

Touchstone Recovery is one of the only centers in the Central Valley using BrainPaint neurotherapy , which that can help underlying issues called comorbidities, and not just focus solely on addiction recovery. These underlying issues can become obstacles to addiction recovery, and helping to heal these underlying issues frees the newly sober to be more present for the rehab program.


For more information about this treatment or to schedule a consultation, please call (559) 298-6711 or email [email protected].