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Services to Support Families

for-families-pageAddiction does not just affect the individual; it affects families and loved ones as well. At Touchstone Recovery, we understand that helping your loved one become sober can be an emotional, and often overwhelming road. We are here to support BOTH the individual in recovery and their families as they go through this process together. We offer:

  • Education to help families understand addiction and the steps to recovery so they can be supportive and better understand their role.
  • Integrated family sessions as part of an individual’s Intensive Outpatient Program. Families join in a group session twice a week.
  • Support and medically-based advice as your loved one navigates the path to recovery.


If your loved one is suffering from addiction, and you want more information on how Touchstone Recovery can help, call us confidentially at (559) 298-6711 or email [email protected].